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Weed Emoji's

Insert weed emoji's into photos and pre-selected images, select from hundreds of cannabis and marijuana emojis from our weed emoticon selection users are raving about in the app store!

Weed Message provides in-app text messaging so users can import groups and list of contacts to privately chat on one, All messages are handled through secure servers and database is deleted every 5 minutes.

Weed Memes

Create your own cannabis and weed memes, offers the only marijuana and cannabis related weed meme creator period in the App Store. Simply Take a picture and add your weed and cannabis related memes!

Weed Photos

Everytime a photo is created in app, user has option to share picture created back on homepage, This will automatically generate content for weed emoji photos for user public viewing.

Weed Camera

Create your own photos using our Weed Emoji app and jazz up the pictures with cannabis emojis, Let the good times roll with pre-selection of hundreds of marijuana emoji's to choose from. Create your cannabis emoji now!

Weed Apps is updated monthly with cannabis and marijuana themed emoji packs, keep updated on the current trends and graphics with weed emojis when smoking and texting!


Weed Emojis - Photo creation app which will allow users to take standard photos using iPhone camera. Users can choose from set of weed emoticons add to their photo created.

  • In-App Text Messaging
  • Hundreds of Marijuana Emoji's
  • Updated weekly weed emoji packs
  • Camera with tons of effects
  • Add cannabis emojis to your photos

Users can then share the photos created instantly through in-app text messaging, Social Networks, standard text message, and email.

Fun quirky viral type app which can easily influence social media to create and share their own photos with cannabis emojis and marijuana stickers.